30 Faith-Based Virtual Schools- Online Homeschooling Options- pt. 3

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In my last post in this series, I shared five private virtual schools to consider with online homeschooling. These were all non-sectarian (or non-religious) schools.  In this post, however, I am listing 30 faith-based, Christian online schools that may serve as credible options for homeschoolers. First I’ll give you a few that I think might interest you, especially if you enjoy taking classes a la carte and in smaller sessions.

  1. Currclick offers many online homeschooling classes, many of which cover basics like mathematics, science, and writing, as well as foreign languages for elementary through upper grades.
  2. If you’re of the Charlotte Mason persuasion, you might enjoy the free online resources available (though not full online classes by any means) at Ambleside Online.
  3. Switched on Teachers provides archived lessons in subjects ranging from art and foreign languages to home economics and literature and many others in between.
  4. Time 4 Learning and Time 4 Writing are top choices among homeschoolers for core academic online learning at a reasonable monthly fee. They’ve also just added a Time 4 Learning high school component.
  5. Virtual Homeschool Group classes are absolutely free as of this publication date.
  6. Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool  is a free online Christian homeschool curriculum

The rest of these options offer more varied classes- specifically geared at high school, and typically come with steeper tuition in addition to a variety of support options with counselors, teachers, transcripts, and college prep.

  1. Landry Academy
  2. Classical Learning Resource Center
  3. Apologia Academy
  4. Founders Academy
  5. Faith Academy
  6. Oaks Christian Online School
  7. NFC Academy Online
  8. Northstar Academy
  9. BJU Online
  10. Ignitium Christian Academy
  11. Liberty University Online Academy
  12. Alpha Omega Academy
  13. Eagle Christian School
  14. Western Christian Academy
  15. Southfield Christian School
  16. Capistrano Valley Christian Schools
  17. Southlands Online School
  18. Graham Private Christian Online School
  19. Legacy Christian Online
  20. Peoria Christian School
  21. King’s Way Classical Academy
  22. Heritage Christian Online School
  23. Central Valley Christian Schools
  24. Huntington Christian School
  25. Mosaica Online

Are you enjoying this series? Thanks for reading, and hang on for the last part of this series which covers charter schools.  Read entire series

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  1. Cindy Kostick says

    Under the header of Christian online schools, I would like to add a mention of the wonderful one we use, absolutely free, called Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool. I have twins in the second grade and they love it.

  2. Jo Ann says

    You can include The Potters School, a Christian school that offer live online classes, much cheaper than many others. They have classes for 5th grade through high school and AP level.

  3. Sue says

    Unfortunately, we had a terrible experience with NFC Academy. I’ve documented my experience with the Better Business Bureau which gave NFC Academy a C- rating and Odeysseyware, their tech support service, an F rating because of their mishandling of the situation.


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