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We use the Bill Nye Science Guy videos a lot, and since we’re studying the solar system, we found the “outer space” and “comets and meteors”  DVD’s at our library yesterday.

Only one problem…I wanted to locate some pre-made worksheets that my daughter can use to answer questions about the videos.

I found the solution this morning when googling “free Bill Nye science guy worksheets”.

Check out Star for free worksheets to accompany Bill Nye’s DVD’s.  I’m so glad I found them!  Just passing this on to you…

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  1. Dorinda says

    As another Christian Homeschool Mom I just wanted to let you know that Bill Nye does not believe in creation. He says Christians are stupid and that we should not teach are kids about creation. He is very anti christian. Just thought you might want to know.

    God Bless

  2. Laura says

    Bill Nye never ever refers to Christians as stupid. While he believes in evolution, this does not then mean those that don’t are stupid, nor does it mean he is anti the group that holds a different view! We need to stop with the negativity and embrace all diversity, whether that be race, or point of view as Jesus teaches us.

    • says

      THanks, Laura, for your response. Upon further research I found this video:!
      It is apparent that Bill Nye’s beliefs on evolution are the opposite of biblical (which I guess would make them “anti-Christian”, so to speak). Even if it sounds a bit rudimentary, the core of the matter is that what I am promoting at Christian Homeschool Moms is a biblical foundational belief in Christ, and that God created the world is a basic principle. I wouldn’t want to teach my children otherwise. I’m not sure Bill Nye calls us “stupid”, but he implies on this video that if we teach our children creationism, then we are doing the world a disservice in terms of promoting intelligent and scientific-thinking generations. Yes, he has a different view for sure, and I don’t think Jesus teaches us to embrace all views- just the people. I definitely don’t accept his point of view in that regard.

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