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CHM112:What’s Your Child’s Learning Style?

What's your child's learning style? This podcast is all about helping you to discover your child's learning style. Here is an overview of the seven main types of learning styles: The Visual/Spatial Learner The visual/spatial learner prefers using spatial understanding...

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Using my Happy Planner for Homeschooling

How I discovered the Happy Planner for homeschool planning I love planners, y'all. You know that. I've been planning my homeschool for years, and this marks our 11th year since I began teaching my oldest kindergarten. Throughout the years I've never been able to get...

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CTCMath Review (and how I use it as supplement)

(**I was compensated for my time on this post. However,  I always strive for honesty and I am never required nor coerced into posting a positive review. All thoughts about the product are truly my honest opinions of my experience with so far.)  Math has always been a...

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When You Feel Like Quitting

The following guest post was written by Becky Seamon of High Heels At His Feet.  Be encouraged as she helps us to see the power of resisting the urge to quit homeschooling as we lean on the Father. The ugly threat gushed quickly from my mouth in a moment of complete...

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How to Channel Your Mommy Emotions

Emotions are one of those things. They can suffocate you like being sat on by an elephant. Or they can give you powerful motivation and energy to fuel positive changes in your life. The first thing to realize is: We are Emotional by Design In Scripture we see God...

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Overcoming Classical Homeschooling Fears

You know you're a homeschool mom're afraid of a method! For me, it was the classical homeschooling method. I admit it: I'm Demetria, and I once was afraid of classical homeschooling. Go back and look at any of my videos where I talked about my love for...

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Handling BUSY homeschool life!

I know it can get hectic at home attempting to handle busy homeschool life. I always desire to help moms when I can with practical helps on how to make every-day homeschooling life easier. Here are some tips for handling a busy homeschool life! Enjoy the video and...

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CHM110:Managing a BUSY Homeschool Without Going Insane!

Do you have a busy homeschool? Do you find your life as a homeschool mom super busy? How can you rearrange your lifestyle to create the life you want your family- despite the fact that it's busy? Should you cut down on your busyness, or should you embrace your busy...

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Using a Faith Based Inquiry Science for Homeschool

(Although I was compensated for my time on this post, my opinions here are honest- whether positive or not.  I always strive for honesty and I’m never required nor coerced into posting a positive review.)  I was introduced to By Design Science for grades 1-8 and was...

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CHM109:Homeschooling for Free

Welcome to this week's podcast. This week I'm encouraging you to figure out ways to begin homeschooling for free. With so many resources at our fingertips- both online and locally- the sky is the limit for free homeschool options! Reasons to consider homeschooling for...

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CHM108:Planning and “UnPlanning” Homeschool Goals

Happy New Year, friends! In this podcast I talk about ways of planning or "unplanning" our homeschool goals for a new year. My 4 basic tips for setting homeschool goals this year: Start with a dose prayer. Prayer is conversation with God and is easy. Start with a...

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