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Lately I’ve been really digging in deep to figure out ways to make my home run more efficiently.  I’ve got 2 girly girls (and all the associated small girl items like dress up heels, broken barbies, and dolls galore), and although I’ve heard teenage boys eat through food like there’s no tomorrow, I’m beginning to wonder if my kids are going through a sudden growth spurt ‘cuz my girls can eat!

So all that said, I need to get my systems and routines together at home (and that’s another post for another day).  Today’s post is all about helping my 10 year old daughter to be more independent in her homeschool routine.

The first few weeks of school we did all of our school time together- our morning meeting and prayer, pledge to bible, and even a few of our subjects we managed to squeeze in together on the different levels (preschool and 5th grade= big gap!)  After a few weeks I began to notice that my 4 1/2 year old needed a lot more of my individual attention (no longer content to sit on the sidelines of our homeschool).  We’ve always included her in many ways- even creating her own little learning items to work with for math and reading concepts (Bob books, coloring, practicing writing)…but this was different. I could really see that she was totally jazzed about doing “real school” (whatever that means) with me.  I suppose that means more one-on-one time…and I definitely am going to give that to her.

Meanwhile, my 5th grade daughter is content to work independently with just a checklist and her materials at hand.  I haven’t begun a workbox system yet (looking into Susan Patrick’s workbox system currently), but she knows what to do and when.

I was using a marker board and writing her assignments there each morning…and then I thought: “Okay, this is redundant.”  And I realized not only could she do her own work independently, but she could set her own alarm, get her own breakfast and start her school day- all without me.  Wow.  I forget she isn’t five anymore.

So, I pluck away on Microsoft Word and about 40 minutes later, out comes my Homeschool Assignments weekly chart.  I’m sharing this and my Homeschool Routine chart.  Since I have girls who love pink and purple, I also made blue versions for those of you interested.



Download Weekly Homeschool Assignments Chart- blue

Weekly Homeschool Assignments Chart – pink/purple

Weekly Homeschool Routine Chart – blue

Weekly Homeschool Routine Chart- pink

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    Just a note to let you know these weekly logs are just adorable and to thank you for all your hard work for the homeschooling community and our Lord! This link is in the files of my group as I added it when you first posted. I wanted to let you know it is my planner of choice!

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      Nan, I am so glad that you have been using and enjoy the weekly logs! Thanks for the encouraging words, and I am heading over to your group now :-)


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