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Do you ever feel the struggle of homeschooling?

Whether you’re just starting to homeschool for the first time and you’re feeling completely lost, or you’ve been homeschooling for a while and just feel burned out- there is hope.

What you need is support.

Sometimes we just need other moms who have been down that road and can give us a few pointers and words of encouragement.

At the Christian Homeschool Moms blog I aim to share with you:

  1. practical tips- how-to’s- to help you figure out ways to teach your kids more easily and enjoyably
  2. information on different methods, philosophies, and ideas on education to see how you might adapt homeschooling to your family’s uniqueness
  3. interviews with thought leaders and homeschooling moms who all desire to encourage and motivate you to continue along the homeschooling path
  4. encouragement for your heart and spirit to keep your soul happy as you embark on this homeschooling journey with your family

I look forward to traipsing this journey of homeschooling with you!

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