Awana Scripture Memory FlashCards are here!

You guys- my kids LOVE Awana.  We just hopped on board two weeks ago, and already scripture memory is a big hit in my house.  From sun up to sun down it’s all about the reciting scripture, meeting with friends over Skype to practice verses, and challenging herself to get through each section successfully so she can move on to the next. (That’s my TNT’er).  And my Cubby is just as excited – especially now that she’s earned the vest and book.

(This would be a great place to post a pic of my kiddos wearing their Awana uniforms, but alas…no pics for you today).

What I do have, however, are some memory flashcards I created for Section 1 that go along with the TNT Ultimate Challenge.

This is a quick preview of the cards…

awana flashcards TNT by Christian Homeschool Moms

awana flashcards by Christian Homeschool Moms

As I create each section, I’ll provide them on the blog.  Even if you’re not in Awanas, you might enjoy having a set of cards for your kids to help with scripture memory.

Also, in the future, if I come up with a better way to make these up (I’m looking into the Charlotte Mason scripture memory system) I’ll be sure to share them.  So…enjoy.  Links are below to download:

Download Awana Flashcards- TNT, Section 1