Teaching Beginning Piano In Your Homeschool

These days my homeschool has been sort of evolving into a mesh of bible, art, and music with a good dose of math and language arts at the core.  (History and science feel more like electives to us lately).

We’ve been focusing more on music recently since I really believe it’s important to tap into my children’s main interests (around the 9 minute mark in the video I talk about gifts and talents)…and music is definitely one of them.  (I’ll have a post all about our art adventures soon).

Anyhow, I thought I would share some of our music time together and how we incorporate piano lessons into our regular homeschool day. (My oldest is now officially enrolled in a music school in town, but I still *get* to oversee her lessons at home).

How about you?  Do you include music in your homeschool?  What instruments do your children play (or want to play)?

In this video I share some ideas about teaching piano to young children.