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For those of you with preschoolers (ages 3 to 5), you understand what it’s like to be finally free of the many wrenches the toddler and infant phase can throw into your homeschool day when you have older ones….but you’re not quite free yet.

Now you have this kid who is halfway in between big kid and toddler and they’re not quite sure how they fit into things.  So they beg for attention in different ways, get into your stuff, and cause a ruckus and a tremendous distraction.

How do you handle it? Well…the best thing to do is arm yourself and go into the “war zone” completely prepared! I started with this book, then I found some resources that would help me to better serve my three, then four-year-old. I’ll list a few below:


Magazines for preschoolers:

Preschool Themes and Unit Studies:

My video and resources on Montessori Education:

Free Curriculum REview: