Listen to “CHM014:Choosing a Homeschool Philosophy” on Spreaker.

 This homeschool podcast is all about choosing your educational philosophy.  I share my story about how our family came to the decision to homeschool and our journey toward selecting a homeschool philosophy. I end with some tips on determining which methods to use in your homeschool. To recap:

  1. Familiarize yourself with different models.  Figure out what each method represents and offers, the main ideas and highlights of each
  2. Determine which method fits your lifestyle in the season of life your in now (as opposed to previously or in the future).  Your methods may change as your children mature.
  3. For younger children, remember that the three r’s and their spiritual awareness are foundational.
  4. For older kids, remember to get the help you need by outsourcing or finding other resources that can help to meet your needs.

I hope this has helped you!