Used Homeschool Books- what to do when you no longer need them?

In this homeschool podcast I talk about my “Spring Cleaning” process- and this time it has everything to do with figuring out what to do with my used homeschool books.

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So here is a brief summary of what to do with your used homeschool books:

Ask your friends.

This may sound like an easy one, but oftentimes we forget that our friends may need something we might actually have looming around in our garage or down in the basement.  Do a quick inventory of what you own and when a friend says, “hmmm…I’ve been wondering about the XYZ curriculum”, you can say “oh, you know what? I have an old copy of that book in my basement.  Why don’t I just let you borrow it and if you it’s something you’ll need go ahead and keep it!”

That’s what friends are for.

Check your local homeschool co-ops and interest groups.

Many homeschool groups that meet weekly or monthly have special days of the year set aside specifically for swapping or selling used curriculum.  Check to see if you can hop aboard and get rid of some of your stuff.  What you don’t need any longer could be a lifesaver for another mom this school year.  Homeschool groups are an easy way to share ideas and swap items.

Check homeschool conventions and used books sales.

I’ve gotten about 80% of my curriculum and homeschool materials at used book sales.  I’ve gotten a smaller percentage brand new at homeschool conventions (my first year homeschooling) until I learned the secrets of shopping for used homeschool books at  used book sales.  Homeschool shoppers want to save money, so check to see if you can set up a booth at a homeschool convention’s used book sale spot, or keep your ears alert to announcements about homeschool book sales coming to your area.  You probably will want to have your books already sorted,  packed, and priced so that when the opportunity should arise that you can squeeze into a book sale as a vendor and set up a quick booth, you’re already set to go.  This probably works best for families who have a LOT of books to sell.  If you only have 2 or 3 items, you may want to consider the following options:

Try selling your used homeschool books online

These are quick ways to get your items listed online for sale for little investment (as opposed to the vendor booth rental idea). has been around for years and it’s been a successful method for me in selling my used homeschool books.  I sold my Classical Conversations and Shurley English curriculum here last summer and made almost 50% back on my original investment.  Other online venues for selling your used homeschool curriculum are:

Host a homeschool garage sale

If you have a garage and some good yard space, you can invite you can pass the word along to your local homeschooling groups about your planned garage sale.  Your used books will certainly be someone else’s treasured “new”, recycled books.  Brew up some coffee drinks or tea and hang out with your friends while you sell your used homeschool books at steep discounts (saving them money, and putting money back into your pocket for new stuff you want to buy).

Consign your used homeschool books.

Do you have a local consignment store or bookstore whose shelves always seem to be empty?  Perhaps you can offer to consign your items, which benefits both of you.  Of course, this might work better if you have a lot of items- but you never know until you ask.

Donate, donate, donate

If all else seems like a load of work, you can always donate your used homeschool books.  Try charities, the YMCA, schools, and even your Friends of the Library organizations.  But more importantly, don’t forget about your homeschooling friends – many of whom need what you have.

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