Welcome yet again to another homeschool podcast episode of Christian Homeschool Moms.

This show is fun and helpful because I get to share the platform with Chasity Champion, my co-blogger at CHM. ¬†Plus, we talk about a topic that’s dear to our hearts: homeschool organization. We’ll be discussing how to avoid burnout, achieve balance, and manage God’s blessings while managing to keep our sanity! ūüôā

It’s a fun and candid look at what homeschool organization looks like in our homes, and we give some tips of encouragement to help you as well.

Homeschooling Organization, Pitfall #1:

Underestimating the responsibilities of homeschooling: balancing homeschooling, homemaking, work, and church

Chasity and I talk about some things that help with keeping order in our home.  For Chasity, the power of delegation has proved instrumental in helping her keep some homeschool organization.  She gets her kids to chip in and things run much smoother.

Things that work for me are menu planning, and using chore charts.  My kids are a bit younger and need that constant visual motivation and cues to keep them on track with helping around the house.  Chore charts work for us.

One thing Chasity and I have both learned is that allowing our kids the freedom to do chores “imperfectly” and make mistakes is useful, so they can learn to work through the process of helping out with chores on their own. ¬†It’s not always helpful to go after them and do the work for them. ¬†We’ve gotta let them go and learn on their own. ¬†And for Ms. Organization like myself, that’s tough…but I can do it!

Homeschool Organization, Pitfall #2:

Having lofty homeschooling goals leads to burnout

  • Chasity shares how that academically we can push our kids too hard- even in home education.
  • I share about how we can also easily overschedule our kids and never have time for hobbies and relaxation at home. ¬†A book Charity mentioned was “Educating The Whole-Hearted Child” by Sally Clarkson.

Questions to ask ourselves when selecting extra activities to be involved in…

  • Will this activity benefit our family more than it will be stressful?
  • Is this activity right for this season of my life?

Some other stressors:

  • activity costs
  • transportation- too far away or too often in the week

Homeschool Organization, Pitfall #3:

Failing to say no to intrusive family and friends.

In order to maintain order in our homeschool, we should remember we are called to teach our children- so sometimes we have to say “no” to invitations outside or our homeschool plans.

We also should remember that God has given us the role of homeschooling ministry- and it’s an important role. ¬†Chasity mentioned that our kids watch us closely as we set the tone for the family.

Homeschool Organization, Pitfall #4:

Neglecting to establish and follow through with daily routines.

We also talk about keeping up with our daily chore routines and systems- getting to bed on time, deep cleaning once in a while so upkeep is easier, and getting our workloads under control.

Chasity also recommends “Workers At Home” by Erin Thiele .
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