CHM028:Intervew with Stephanie of Mommy The Teacher Blog

Listen to “CHM028:Intervew with Stephanie of Mommy The Teacher Blog” on Spreaker.

I always enjoy getting to know other homeschooling moms nationwide, and it was a pleasure to chat with Stephanie of Mommy The Teacher.

On this homeschool podcast, I have the opportunity to speak with Stephanie about:

  • how she began homeschooling: her journey that landed her in the world of home education
  • her passion for raising Godly children
  • her teaching style and what a typical homeschool day looks like for her
  • the Silly Songs project that she and her husband are working on for kids

I enjoyed interviewing Stephanie on this homeschool podcast, and I hope you’ll enjoy the interview as well. (Click the “play” button above to listen in or download, and don’t forget to subscribe in Itunes)

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