This week’s interview is with Sonlight founder, Sarita Holzman.

sarita holzman

It was such an honor to speak with Sarita, and I enjoyed talking with her about the ins and outs of the Sonlight curriculum.

This interview is about 55 minutes …so get ready by grabbing a cup of coffee or tea and settling in for a nice chat with Sarita.

In a nutshell, we spoke about the following:

  • How Sonlight began

  • A few ways the Sonlight company gives back to society and the world

  • The five basic principles Sonlight was founded upon

  • The research results of Sonlighters’ SAT scores and why Sarita believes the scores were higher than the norm

  • The advantages to reading books together as a family

  • How Sonlight is easily adaptable between different homeschooling methods and philosophies

  • Some reasons why someone might NOT want to buy Sonlight

  • Explanation of the pricing model for those  deciding on a purchase, and payment plan options

  • All about the  “One Year Love To Learn Guarantee”

  • Sonlight scholarships and how students may apply to those

  • Differences between: the Sonlighter’s Club Membership, Sonlighter’s Reward Program, as well as the affiliate program.

  • If interested, how you can make a purchase

Download Transcript– PDF


**Update July 2014: My family is no longer using the Sonlight curriculum as of 2014-15 school year although we love the book lists.  You can watch my video to find out more about why we made this decision.  Remember to always discover the path that is best for your family.  Sonlight is an excellent choice in lit-based curriculum, but do your research carefully and remember Sarita’s 27 reasons why Sonlight might NOT be a good fit for your family. If it fits your situation perfectly, you love it, and so do your kids, then go for it, and have a great time!! 😉  Happy reading!



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