CHM038:Montessori Method

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This podcast is all about the Montessori method.  I share my findings on the method, plus a video clip I shared a while back.

1.) responsibility (which is basically the kids learning self-discipline, caring for people around them, and engaging in social context)

2.) self-discipline, and

3.) concentration  (where kids have lengthy periods of study and exploration)

Benefits of the Montessori Method

  1. Students are part of a close, caring community.
  2. Montessori students develop order, concentration, independence, and coordination.  Self-regulation is a plus.
  3. Each child is valued and a unique individual.
  4. Children have the freedom to discover and explore within limits.
  5. Students are supported in becoming a seeker of knowledge.
  6. Self-correction and self-assessment.

Design of Learning Materials in the Montessori Method

  • Manipulatives and objects
  • Objects are beautiful and made of polished woman, wicker, metal, fabrics
  • Materials are laid out in a particular order
  • Types of objects: dressing frames, rods, cylinders, flashcards, stacking blocks, binomial cubes

Montessori Organizations/Associations/Training

The Montessori Method

Places To Get Montessori Method Information or Materials

Inexpensive or Free Montessori Resources

Montessori Information

Books about Montessori Method

  • The Absorbent Mind by Maria Montessori
  • The Child in the Family by Maria Montessori
  • The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori
  • What You Should Know About Your Child by Maria Montessori
  • 100 Child Development Tips by Heather Pederson
  • Montessori Read and Write: A Parents’ Guide to Literacy for Children, by Lynne Lawrence
  • Understanding the Human Being by Silvana Montanaro
  • Montessori Play and Learn by Lesley Britton

 Montessori Videos/Vloggers

Homeschool Montessori Bloggers

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