Listen to “CHM042:Classical Homeschooling, Encouragement, & Giveaways” on Spreaker.

This podcast is about the classical homeschooling method, time-sensitive giveaways, plus some spiritual encouragement for those days when you feel like giving up homeschooling. I’ll be explaining what classical education actually is – at least briefly- in this episode.

This is an information-only podcast, as I’ve discovered different methods that have worked for us throughout different times in our homeschooling journey.

The Trivium is divided into three stages:

The Grammar Stage

This is the foundational stage in the elementary school years.  Kids in this stage are ready to absorb facts, facts, facts.  The focus during this period is on the “rules” of spelling, grammar, mathematics, science, and history.  Memorization is a big part of this stage.

Classical Homeschooling Method

Logic Stage

The facts they learned during the grammar stage are expanded upon.  Abstract thinking, and critical thinking skills are a big part of this stage. This stage begins around 5th grade.

Rhetoric Stage in Classical Homeschooling

High school students learn to form their own opinions and elegantly express themselves through writing and speaking.

Resources mentioned: (group of classes)

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Bonus encouragement tips

Tips for continuing to homeschool on those hard days

  • wake up to prayer
  • don’t worry about the method or style but focus on reaching your kids where they are

I hope you enjoyed the podcast! Happy Homeschooling!