Listen to “CHM043:Homeschool Philosophies: Author Chat with Skyla King-Christison” on Spreaker.

 On today’s podcast, I had a wonderful time chatting with Skyla about her book, Home Field Advantage: A Guide to Choosing Teaching Methods for Your Homeschooling Champions!

We all know how confusing the world of homeschooling can be, especially with all the many different homeschool philosophies and methods out there! Skyla’s book is a great source of inspiration as she tackles the subject by providing us with both concrete research and a window into the lives of families who are practically living out these different philosophies.  She makes learning about these different methods a cinch-and practical.

On this podcast, Skyla shares with us:

  • her background, how (and why) she began homeschooling
  • why she decided to write a book about homeschooling philosophies
  • her experiences observing several homeschooling families who used different philosophies and methods, and what she learned from this experience
  • her opinions on why stereotypes still exist about the home education community, and her response

Skyla also has some nice add-ons to her book (beyond the scope of just learning about each homeschooling philosophy.)  Lots of planning guides are available to help you plan your kids’ learning space, as well as figure out your children’s different learning styles.

You can reach Skyla King-Christison and purchase her book: 

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