This homeschool podcast is all about ways of making your homeschool special for your family.

I know all too often how easy it is to get caught up in the daily hum drum of our homeschool routines, and before we know it, one day turns into the next and the next…and we’ve gotten ourselves stuck in a rut.

I think it does a lot of good to keep things spiced up a bit by changing up our routines from time to time, and making ways to celebrate those special occasions with our kids.

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Tips on making your homeschool special

  1. Take fieldtrips with other families.
  2. Get involved (in group activities such as park days or co-ops or other outings with other homeschoolers).
  3. Volunteer your time and meeting needs in your community.
  4. Let your kids be a part of your support groups, women’s studies.
  5. Give your school a name together.
  6. Make school t-shirts.
  7. Talk about your school in an exciting way and make exciting event days.
  8. Make your school environment special- utilizing your spaces and walls for school decorations and keeping your supplies organized.
  9. Make the first day of school special.  For example, have a picture day.
  10. Have a “school shopping” day.
  11. List class rules on display.
  12. Offer a circle time for younger kids.  It makes school special for them.
  13. Make annual progress reports and file them away in a binder along with their picture for keepsakes.
  14. Give “graduation ceremonies” for each year.
  15. Get dad involved in by encouraging him to share his skill sets. Make him a principal or a consultant.

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