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Welcome to episode 78, where I talk about homeschool room tips! I’m in back to homeschool mode. In the future, I’ll be planning to bring more homemaking (chores, routines, recipes, etc.) and day-to-day grind topics to the podcast. (And please leave a review for this podcast on iTunes!)

So onward to homeschool room tips.

1.) Use what you have.

Here is my homeschool room tour for 2015 school year!

2.) Sometimes less is more for back to homeschool.

Removing clutter can help your kids focus better. Storage is important, and it’s not always imperative to have wall posters if they cover every inch of your walls! 🙂

3.) Take advantage of all spaces.

When thinking of how to fix up your back to homeschool room, be on the lookout for corners and behind doors for storing items that can fit in a tighter or smaller area. Look above doorposts and behind doors for placing posters. Even if you don’t have a homeschool room, you can still take advantage of the spaces in your entire house.

Don’t leave any space unnoticed. (Not that you’ll want to cram everything in, but it’s a good idea to be aware of what spaces you actually have that you can use to your storage advantage.)

Back To Homeschool Room Tips

4.) Create storage.

Find shoeboxes, plastic storage crates, and shelf space to store office supplies and books. Here’s an example of how I stored items a few years ago (in 2012 I believe):

I really do hope that you enjoyed these back to homeschool room tips. I hope I’ve given you some ideas you can use for creating storage

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