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It’s not easy to get healthy (or stay healthy, for that matter!) With all the temptations surrounding us (especially during the holidays), how do we mamas stay on track with our health plans and treat our bodies as the temples of God? How do truly take care of ourselves for the long term, rather than going on fad diets that are not sustainable?

In this episode, I’m sharing ways that we as homeschool mamas can stay healthy long-term without caving into crash dieting which leads to the yo-yo effect of not only unwanted weight gain but feeling badly in our bodies. What we’re all really looking for is a healthy way of life that is holistic- both physical and spiritual.

Watch what you eat and try to eat clean.

Remembering to keep a balance is key. In general, if we plan the foods we’re going to eat weekly and stick with our menus we should be okay. An occasional treat never hurts, but if we find ourselves having to run errands daily and we’re tempted to grab a bite at a cafe every time we go out (like I am!), then staying home more often might be optimal. That, or demonstrating some self-control. This is something that I am always working on!

Thankfully, programs like the Trim Healthy Mama Plan have helped me tremendously as well as authors like Ann Boroch during my initial healing of anemia and inflammation.

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Here are a few videos on my channel where I have been sharing my THM journey.

Get moving and stay consistent.

Lately, I’ve been walking and hiking daily (except for weekends) and I also joined our neighborhood gym so that I can do HIIT workouts a few times per week. Let me tell you, this has been a lifesaver for me. Not only do I have much more energy than just a month ago, but I’ve noticed that a lot of my female issues have self-corrected. Menstrual cramps? None this time around.

Laugh a lot!

Laughing will heal your body. Scripture says “A merry heart does good like a medicine”. Sometimes life gets weary and we just need a good pick-me-up.

When getting all the things done at home becomes drudgery (cooking, cleaning, correcting), we just need a mental and emotional release. This can come in the form of good, wholesome laughter.

I recommend watching Dry Bar Comedy or any (family-friendly) shows that get you laughing.

Staying Healthy as a Homeschool Mom

Do Things You Love

Don’t forget about you, mama! Please don’t lose yourself in the world of home education. Remember, that this is a limited season of your life (homeschooling).

One thing I’ve been able to do recently is clear up my bookshelves to begin displaying my own personal books. For so long I had become smothered by all of my homeschool books that I felt as though I’d gotten lost in a sea of homeschooling. All of my books, workbooks, textbooks, 3-ring binders…I was surrounded by this world of home education, and yet my kids had grown up and moved on while I hung on to dear life of my 15-year-old’s preschool handwriting worksheets.

I let them go. I gave away tons of books. I took pictures of sentimental artwork, I threw away handwriting pages and coloring pages from over a decade ago. I lightened up my 3-ring binders and I removed them from my bookshelves.

Now all I display on those shelves are books that represent me, and a bit of my homeschool journey as well. But mostly me. The books I personally love that have been hiding behind homeschool curriculum all these years are now front and center on my shelves, and I love it!

Try not to allow yourself to become second to your homeschool journey. Display your books. Do what you love, and show what you love. Don’t allow yourself to get swamped, and if you can help it, try to remember not to take a back seat to what’s important in your life.

Remember to also protect your family from emotional distress by choosing non-toxic friendships and homeschool groups. Here’s a video I recently made about that.

Read the Word of God daily.

Remember, you are important. Your health and wellness is more than your physical health, but includes your spiritual life as well. Spending time with the Lord and understanding His will for you will bring you the joy and peace you need to succeed in life.

The Lord wants you to take care of yourself. He loves your children, and He will ultimately take care of them. But He doesn’t what you to neglect yourself.

Mama, take care of YOU! 🙂

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