Welcome to the Christian Homeschool Moms blog, Homeschool Podcast, and homeschool video hub.

I’m Demetria, homeschool motivator, songwriter, Christian web designer and Navy wife to my wonderful husband of 22 years. I’m a multi-passionate woman of faith who happens to have had the wonderful opportunity to begin homeschooling my daughters when it was not a popular choice- in 2007. This blog is not only a collection of homeschool resources, but it also chronicles my life as a homeschool mom for over 15 years.

I started this online community in 2012 when I had first moved from the Deep South to the West Coast and we re-started our lives as a homeschooling family in an unfamiliar environment. During those moments that I felt alone in my homeschooling, I found it therapeutic to reach an audience of other homeschool moms through my homeschool videos. This eventually turned into my blog and podcast. 

 I hope to inspire, motivate, and encourage you along your homeschool journey!