alpha phonics review and giveaway

Alpha Phonics Review

Alpha Phonics is a Cathy Duffy 100 Top Pick selection that I was recently given the opportunity to review. If you’re looking for a phonics program to use for your beginning reader, then read on.   I’m happy to share my experience of Alpha Phonics with you.

Disclosure: I received a copy of Alpha-Phonics for the purpose of review, and I was not compensated in any way.

Benefits of Alpha Phonics

  • It’s a sensible, practical, no-nonsense approach to learning how to read.
  • There are no illustrations, so distractions are limited.
  • Includes a CD-ROM with the same lessons as are in the book
  • Alpha Phonics has been around for a long time! It’s tried and proven, and is a simple way to go for reading instruction.

My thoughts on Alpha Phonics

Initially I wasn’t sure how well my 5 year old daughter would adjust to the way certain letters were printed – for example, the letter “a” which is printed in an old style which my child isn’t accustomed to seeing. However, I was surprised at how well she easily adapted.

I love that the letters were huge, which is a real plus for smaller children.  No straining her eyes to distinguish one word from the next- the letters are bold and easy on the eyes.

On another note, I  would have preferred to see the teacher’s guide in a separate booklet as opposed to the back of the book.  Flipping back and forth between the lesson plan and the instruction wasn’t my cup of tea. Thankfully, I caught on quickly and got myself a bookmark.  Also, Alpha Phonics more than makes up for that by the mere fact that with in all-in-one book (teacher’s guide plus student book), you don’t have to keep up with extra books or worry about keeping separate books  together. So again, not such a bad thing.

It comes with a how-to DVD which explains all the components of the Alpha Phonics system.  This was definitely a helpful addition to the package, since it’s always nice to have the publishers give you a heads-up on how to use the material.  I thought the explanation was very thorough and I had a much better grasp on how to use the curriculum as a result.

The program also comes with the book on CD-ROM.  This is an added bonus that I think really brings the Alpha Phonics program alive! This was probably the most interactive part of the entire package (and my favorite) as it shows the teacher what to do.  If you’ve ever wondered how to teach phonics, the CD-ROM included teaches you, the teacher, how to teach each and every phonics lesson to your student.

When you pop in the CD-ROM, there are lots of helps for the parent.

If you like  practice workbooks, an Alpha Phonics companion workbook is available as well.  These are phonics review worksheets with activities for your kids to complete and is a separate workbook than the Alpha Phonics program.  The worksheets are black and white and fold over on top coil binding.  It consists of simple instructions with very few line drawings.  The activities in this book help to reiterate the concepts taught in the teacher’s guide and help to make for a more complete program.

Add on the Little Companion Readers for an even more complete program.  Each reader from the red series highlights a vowel.  The yellow series takes students straight into reading short stories that make sense and are fun to follow.

Alpha Phonics Review- A personal look

Alpha Phonics Giveaway

Although the publisher has sold the book and CD-ROM separately in the past, they are now making them available for the one combined price of $34.95.  But sign up for the giveaway below and you could win a set for your family!
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