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I so enjoyed my chat with homeschool mom, Amy Fischer!

Amy is a homeschooling mom of three boys. Originally from Indiana, she now lives with her family in the northwest of England. For seven years, she has been reading, learning, and applying the Charlotte Mason philosophy to her parenting, her homeschooling, and even to herself. She connects the Charlotte Mason philosophy with the Charlotte Mason practicalities at her blog, Around the Thicket.

You’ll also find her co-hosting the Thinking Love podcast, a show that explores homeschooling, Charlotte Mason, the early years, and more. She is the author of Before Curriculum: How to Start Practicing the Charlotte Mason Philosophy in Your Home.

What Amy and I chatted about

Educating our children is just as much about what we don’t do as what we do. Sometimes the best approach is to resist the temptation to explain and teach, and instead let our kids do the work of learning, even when (and perhaps, especially when) it’s challenging.

Here are a few things we discussed:

  • How she came to the decision of homeschooling her children
  • What the Charlotte Mason method means to her in her homeschooling and in her life as a mom
  • What happens when we allow our children to take the lead in their learning experiences
  • Some of her best experiences in homeschooling and the benefits of home-educating her children
  • A few of her projects and books she’s written

How to reach Amy

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Thanks for listening and watching!

I truly love to chat with homeschool moms of faith. If you are a new homeschooler I certainly hope you’ve found Amy’s words and her homeschool story encouraging.

That’s what homeschool moms do – we help one another!

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Until next time…happy homeschooling.