This week’s interview is extremely exciting because I had the awesome opportunity to chat with Sherri Seligson of Apologia.

My family has been extremely happy with Apologia materials over the years (you can check out our videos here and here to see more about our curriculum picks in past years).

In this interview, Sherri has so much to offer us including a wonderful science curriculum with a trusted company.

Who is Sherri?

Sherri Seligson is a 21-year veteran homeschool mom of 4 children, a degreed marine biologist, researcher, wife, and Christian.

Before being promoted to motherhood, Sherri worked as a marine biologist at Walt Disney World’s Living Seas, publishing shark behavior research.

She has authored Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science, Marine Biology and Internships for High School Credit, instructional video courses for Apologia’s science curricula, and companion curricula for feature films including Dolphin Tale and War Horse.

An international conference and retreat speaker, Sherri uses transparency, truth, and humor, to encourage moms on their homeschool journey and to teach families and students the importance and excitement of studying God’s creation.

What we talked about

  • How she began her homeschool journey
  • What Sherri would have done differently throughout her homeschool journey- if anything
  • How she helped her children transition from the elementary grades to middle school and high school (and how we can have peace of mind to do the same!)
  • Tips on how parents can adapt to our children’s changing needs
  • Connections between the transition years and self-directed learning
  • Whether or not all students benefit from having a college education
  • Apologia’s new creation of science resources
  • How Sherri’s degree in Education has impacted her understanding of the benefits of homeschooling


Understand our kids’ physical needs: one of which is sleep.

When it comes to having deep conversations with our kids, we need to really be available to them.

Pursue our kids in getting to know them and help them to get to know themselves.

Academically, we want to help our kids transition to grow into independent learning. Teaching them how to learn is important.

Self-directed learning all boils down to guidance into time management. We should be ready and willing to offer guidance and consequences.

You have full permission to change curriculum when you need to!

Not every child should go to college, but we should prepare our children and give them the options should they desire to go in that direction.

Purchase Sherry’s Products through Apologia

In her most recent project, the team at Apologia shot in-depth, up close and personal, engaging videos on location for each of the science labs.

This is quite a phenomenal way to view science!

View and purchase the latest science products.

Books and Materials by Sherri Seligson

Exploring Creation with General Science – 7th Grade text, solutions manual, and instructional video series

Exploring Creation with Marine Biology – high school text, solutions manual, and instructional video series

Apologia Marine Biology

Instructional video series for High School Biology, High School Chemistry, and High School

Advanced Biology (The Human Body)

Apologia Advanced Biology

Internship for High School Credit

Purchase Sherri’s Products

How to Reach Sherri

Apologia Website| Sherri’s Personal Website | Facebook | Instagram

Other Resources Mentioned

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