I had been looking for an online recording keeping system that would simplify the record keeping process and grade reporting process for our family.  I’m excited to introduce Applecore to you!

Although I am compensated for my time on this review, I received  digital access to to this product and I will be giving you an honest review (positive or otherwise) of my experience and what I think of it.

Why an online record keeping system?


  • First off, if you suffer from paper clutter like I do, then you can say goodbye to paper management when it comes down to record-keeping.  In fact, I’m known to create record keeping printables for our family just to stay organized.  But a digital product makes the process even easier.
  • It keeps mom organized so you don’t have to go hunting around for planners or important pieces of paper that can show up missing when you need it most.
  • It’s digital- so it won’t get lost.
  • Keep everything together in one space for all of your children.

What Applecore does for you

*** UPDATE***
You can also view a video about Applecore!

Selecting the main menu will give you full control of your dashboard where you can edit and add students and their activities.

I love that it’s so simple.

You can add courses and grades.

If you want to keep up with grades (especially helpful in the upper grades), Applecore gives you the option to add these by elective category, credit vs. non-credit and special courses.

Again, this is great for high school.

You can create a student schedule.

It’s very easy to map out your student schedule using Applecore.  Simply add the subject, start and end date,  description of the course, and check off the days of the week and/or times your student will be taking the course.

Applecore will immediately populate these courses into the monthly calendar for your student.

Easy and quick.

You can record test scores and create student report cards and transcripts.

My oldest daughter is in middle school and with time we’ll be using this feature more. Applecore makes it easy for you to record this information and export the records to PDF if you like.

This is excellent because it’s versatile.  Use the digital tool, then if you need to, export to PDF and print (but only if you need to.)

You can take student attendance.

As much as I like my paper planners, I find that taking attendance is so much easier with a digital system.  Just click the days your students was in attendance, and you immediately have an at-a-glance view of attendance for the month or year.

How to purchase Applecore

As you can see, the Applecore online record keeping system is both a powerful and easy tool to have in your virtual homeschool supply toolbox.

The basic account is free (course tracker and grade reporting included.)

However if you purchase anytime between now and the month of February you will receive an offer of 50% off your annual subscription to either the silver or gold plans.  What a deal! (Just enter code hsmom at checkout.)

Additionally, discounts are offered to support groups and co-ops.

Purchase Applecore at your discounted rate through February.

Enter the Applecore Giveaway

Applecore has graciously agreed to give away a one year subscription to their gold plan.  This is an excellent opportunity to win their digital product.

You will have up to 1 week to claim your prize which may take up to 4-6 weeks to be received.

And as always, don’t forget to follow applecore on twitter and like them on facebook.

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