Homeschooling your children can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, it can also be a little hard to balance with other tasks at times. Particularly, housework can be a struggle. After all, you don’t have the hours when your child would be at school to clean up. Instead, you have to teach them, watch them, and clean house all at once.

There are some ways that you can make your life a little bit easier such as these 5 tips to help you balance both jobs.

1. Start with Organizing

The first thing that you need to do to find some semblance of neatness in both homeschool and housework aspects is to create some organization. After all, if nothing has a place to go, it will all just pile up and create a mess.

The first thing you can do is use bins, binders, and baskets to separate unrelated things. For example, sort out school worksheets in one bin and important documents you need around the house in another. To help you stay on track, you can even make tags for these to make sure they don’t get confused.

It can also help to look for extra storage for you home when you can. A little shelving or even multi-use furniture like ottomans can go a long way.

2. Do Things Right Away

This step might be a little harder to follow, especially right away, but if you can get into the habit of doing some chores right away. For instance, after your children eat lunch, do the dishes really quick instead of waiting until the sink is full.

This way, housework remains manageable. If you wait until housework piles up, it’s going to take you longer. In turn, if housework takes longer, it’s going to be harder to find time to do it during the day.

In keeping with the example of the dirty dishes, think of it this way; if you were to wash the plates and maybe a pot or pan after lunch, it’ll probably take just a few minutes. On the other hand, if you don’t do dishes until the end of the day after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you’ll have more dishes and it’ll take much longer.

3. Assign Chores

As a parent, you want to give your kids as little stress as possible. As such, you want them to focus on their homeschooling activities. However, you should also enlist your children in some chores around the house.

You don’t necessarily have to give them any big jobs either. At the most basic level, you can teach them to clean up after themselves. When they’re finished with their school work, teach them to put their supplies away. After lunch, have them watch their own plate.

Without this little bit of help, housework can seem endless. After all, if you are cleaning up after children who are constantly moving onto something new, you’ll never finish cleaning up after them. Not to mention, assigning chores can help teach a child responsibility.

4. Create a Routine

When you are teaching and trying to clean house, it can be hard to sneak in a few minutes to do a bit of housework. To help this problem, stop using stolen moments. Create a routine for yourself and your children so that you have time set aside for every task that needs to be done.

5. Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Finally, don’t be too hard on yourself. When you are working to be a teacher as well as a parent for your kids and trying to keep the house together, there are times when things will go wrong or slip through the cracks. Maybe you suddenly notice that you haven’t swept in a while or you do get behind on those dishes once in a while. It’s okay!

At the end of the day, you’re only human. Once in a while, you are going to make a human mistake. This doesn’t mean that you’ve failed in your responsibilities, it just means you’re having an off day.

Not to mention, you are already doing a lot. You’re being a parent, being a teacher, and trying to keep up with domestic work as well. Give yourself a little slack.

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