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Diversity in history curriculum?

What does this mean exactly? For those interested- why is it important to include multiculturalism and diversity in our history curriculum? And for those of us in the U.S.- American History.

I was honored to speak with Belinda Bullard of A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources on today’s podcast. I hope you’ll enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed this chat with Belinda.

Portraying Diversity in History Curriculum: Interview with Belinda Bullard of Blessed Heritage

Who is Belinda Bullard?

Belinda Bullard is a homeschool mom of three and married to her best friend. She has a degree in chemical engineering and is also a writer, and a college instructor. Belinda runs her own homeschool publishing company called A Blessed Heritage Educational Resources, an inclusive history curriculum for families of all ethnicities.

Belinda and her husband have raised three children: a 22-year-old who has graduated from college and is working in the adult world now, a 19-year-old who is in his second year of college, and a 14-year-old daughter, her last student at home.

What inspired her to write an inclusive history curriculum?

Blessed Heritage offers a series of living-books based products and offers a series of history products that feature the African American experience.

By inclusive, Belinda means that it is not strictly an African American history curriculum. It is a diverse portrayal of American history.

Upon realizing the lack of the non-traditional narrative for the African American experience present in history curriculum, she moved forward to carry out a new vision.  She decided to create a curriculum that would focus not only on the African American narrative, but incorporate the traditional stories of the Latino and Asian sector in American history.

What is the worldview of Blessed Heritage?

Blessed Heritage comes from a strongly Christian worldview. Belinda believes that all history is God’s story and it is all controlled and destined according to His will and purpose.

What Blessed Heritage is NOT

  • It is not Afro-centered history or African history.
  • It is not a place for retaliation for social injustices.

Belinda’s goal is to equip children to influence through their words and understanding of history.

What it means to give a holistic education

Being home with your kids gives you more time to invest in your kids and promoting communication amongst one another, as opposed to disconnecting and disengaging through social media.

We are blessed because homeschooling gives our children more time to develop their passions and their callings.

We can speak to our children in terms of their academic growth, but also pour into helping them develop into who they will become. We have a major part to play in shaping our children’s development by tapping into their callings.

Check out the Blessed Heritage curriculum

Primary Level: Our History, HIS-Story: Using Literature to Weave the African-American Presence Into the Fabric of Early American History

Primary Volume 1: hard copy on Blessed Heritage site | digital on Currclick

Primary Volume 2: hard copy on Blessed Heritage site | digital on Currclick

Middle School Level: This Far by Faith: A Literature-Based History featuring African-American Presence and Contribution

Middle School Volume 1: hard copy on Blessed Heritage site | digital on Currclick

Middle School Volume 2: hard copy on Blessed Heritage site | digital on Currclick

High School Level: When I Was a Child

High School Volume 1: hard copy on Blessed Heritage site | digital on Currclick

High School Volume 2: hard copy on Blessed Heritage site | digital on Currclick

Click here for more information on supplemental material (Harlem Renaissance, history podcasts, and Nurturing Christian Character through the Black Experience)

Coming soon: A Heart for the Nations series focusing on Guatemala and Haiti!

Tips for using the program with younger kids

Don’t over-expect and take away from the fun of learning. Try to make things enjoyable.

Be sure you understand your child: watch them and be a student of your child. Get to know their learning style (kinesthetic, audio, visual).

You may not need to require narrations every day. Tweak instructions according to your child’s needs, and just make the process fun! Belinda’s Primary levels give lots of opportunity to read various book selections not typically encountered and try new things like activities and cultural recipes.

Tips for older kids

In the middle school level, students are moving into grammar correction and writing fundamentals. This is when we can begin more dialogue and socratic teaching asking the question “why”.

At the high school level, we may cover perspectives and biases and have kids learn these critical skills in becoming articulate themselves thorugh written form (essays) and spoken form, as well as determining peer-reviewed or credible resources as opposed to fake news.

Advice to moms who experience burnout

Quotes by Belinda:

Homeschooling is a marathon, not a sprint.


School becomes the off-shoot of what’s happening in the home.

  • Minimize the workload
  • Change up methodology
  • Use older siblings to help with the younger ones
  • Take a break when you need one. Your home is not the public school system.
  • Set priorities of learning. Instead of looking at every subject for child,
  • Remember self-care: get rest, stay healthy

Advice to moms who want to start a curriculum publishing company

Learn pedagogy basics and the art of teaching children, for starters. Starting a curriculum business or publishing company takes a bit more than motivation: you’ll need knowledge of how kids learn and how to reach them.

Secondly, understand the nature of business (customer service, etc.). Learning business skills will prove beneficial in helping you run your company.

Remember that sometimes we are building our businesses for our children, to help pass on knowledge of entrepreneurship to our kids.

And, most of all, if this is something you really desire to do, there is nothing you can’t accomplish!

Ways to reach out to Belinda

Find out more about what Belinda offers:

Website | Blog | Twitter | Facebook

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