CHM126:4 Benefits of Homeschooling

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There are so many benefits of homeschooling our children, so I thought it would be fitting to offer both a podcast episode and a video about homeschooling benefits. If you’ve been looking for a concise and condensed list of benefits of homeschooling, this is your podcast episode (and video)! It will, hopefully, boost your courage if you are planning to start homeschooling your own children and perhaps just need some concrete reasons to steer you onto the homeschooling path.

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Benefits of homeschooling your kids #1: flexibility

Because your children have flexibility, they have the freedom to change their schedules to meet their specific needs. They can stay home and be safe, be with family and people who love them, and work at their own pace. They can get the full amount of sleep and rest that their bodies need. If they’re not feeling good one day, they can take time off without having to get a doctor’s excuse.

Benefits of homeschooling #2: Your kids can learn what they want when they want

Your kids are free to learn at their own pace. It’s such a beautiful thing, to see your kids actually interested in a subject and have the freedom to pursue that topic without reservation. (It’s rather hard to do this in a classroom setting of 25+ kids and school districts that need to follow a scope and sequence to the “t” in exchange for high test scores.)

When your kid says, “Hey mom…I think I want to learn more about space this week”, do you say “sorry, we can’t…we’re learning about something else”?

One of the benefits of homeschooling is giving our children the freedom to say what they are clearly interested in and allowing them to follow their guided interests to some degree.

#3: You may experience greater family bonding

If you want to bond with your family, having your children at home can really help facilitate this. You have more time to teach your kids to stay loyal to their siblings and create strong bonds with one another. You can also find more time available to bond with your children also. This might mean spending quality time having great conversations together, playing games together, watching movies or documentaries, or even their favorite tv shows.

I’ve enjoyed K-dramas (thanks to my teen daughter) and I’m starting to understand her favorite music groups a bit more. This time of bonding is doing a lot of good for our relationship, and it wouldn’t have been quite the same if she were too preoccupied with her school life outside of home.

#4: Your kids receive a high-quality education.

One of the beautiful results of having your children at home is the fact that they are receiving a superb education (by mere fact of small teacher to student ratio). You are essentially tutoring your own children many times, which is far more 1 on 1 time your children would receive in a typical school setting.

Even if you are using an online school the way our family currently is this year for 8th grade, you are still available for your child when she needs help, and you have more influence over how their education is received than if your student were enrolled in school.

You get to decide their curriculum and place time and effort in picking out the best curriculum choices to meet your child’s needs. No school district can or will do that. It’s a very special process- matching your child with the learning materials that will best fit his/her needs. This can only result in high-quality education, especially when implemented well.

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That’s it for now on this podcast episode! Please enjoy, and I look forward to next time.

Happy Homeschooling!

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