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If you haven’t already checked out parts 1 and 2 of this series, you may want to recap those posts first.  But here’s a brief summary:
Part 1 shares how the big mistake of isolation happens with some homeschool families and what the Word of God teaches about relationships. Part 2 shares the story of our family’s journey through the big mistake of isolation and two steps you can take for your transformation.

I also posted a poll and encouraged you to share about your own journey. If you haven’t, yet, make sure you comment with your answer for the poll and read other family’s comments on the article for part 1. If you answered no on the poll, part 3 may help you move forward and, eventually, change your poll answer.

Why your family should stay community-connected

For Christ-focused families who homeschool, being part of a community of like-minded folks who love learning is priceless. It is not just about plugging in with other church members who have the same core spiritual beliefs, though that helps. And also, depending on your family’s specific unique needs and goals, it may not even be about hanging around other homeschoolers. Below I have listed some key benefits of connecting with a supportive learning-focused community.

First, keep your heart open.

Before you read the list: remember to embrace whoever God sends you, no matter where He chooses to send them from into your life. This is because His ways of doing things are higher than ours, and His thoughts are greater than ours. So, keep your heart open to hear from Him about new relationships so you can clearly discern which ones are sent from Him.

Seven benefits of staying community-connected

  1. receive non-judgmental support for your homeschool purpose and goals
  2. give empathy and non-judgmental support to other homeschool families; giving back always makes you feel better about yourself and your homeschool, as you see how what you share makes an impact on them

Also, according to Genesis 12:2-3, God has always intended for His People to be a blessing to all families of the world. You cannot do that in isolation.

  1. accountability with other home educators who regularly ask the right questions that remind you of what you said you were going to accomplish this year
  2. learning about tips and approaches that may help you tweak some elements of your schooling, especially if your homeschooled children are gifted or have special needs which are not addressed in traditional curricula
  3. adult to adult conversation and authentic, empathetic friendship on a regular basis
  4. extra-curricular and physical education support, such as by creating or joining a co-op homeschool group, local community programs or special events (e.g., soccer team, local theater classes or urban farmer’s markets events, and countless other opportunities)
  5. become more active and healthier – studies have shown that isolation can cause you to become physically (and mentally) unhealthy, especially if you are staying in your home all of the time. It is important to set a great example for our kids so that, as they mature, they will understand how to take good care of themselves and build healthier relationships.

Share other benefits you have experienced

Use the comments area to share your positive experience. Please tell us about the benefits you have seen from staying community-connected. This will help each of us here get more perspective on this topic.

God’s purpose for you = bless the whole world.

God’s purpose for your homeschool family is to be a thriving part of the community and to bless the world. Get out there and have fun with your family. Explore and have new experiences together. Build an extended family of friends that love you all and can relate to your unique homeschool journey on some level.

God bless you and your family with a great life and even greater relationships than you have ever experienced before.

About Donna Marie Johnson

Donna Marie Johnson is a wife, homeschool mom and marketing consultant and trainer who inspires and empowers women leaders to #MarketLikeAQueen. She is based out of Atlanta, Georgia USA and works with clients online, by phone and in person. She invites you to ask her for a free marketing clarity session on her main website at . The God-given purpose and vision which guides her family’s homeschool and her business is based in the Holy Bible’s first book: Genesis 12:2-3; which shows us that just as God gifted Christ Jesus into this world to bless the whole world, He has also gifted Christ-like-ones, or Christians, to bless and change the world. As a mom of children who are gifted and who have special needs, she totally gets that schooling at home does not look the same for everyone. So this understanding makes her very passionate about encouraging home educators to seek God for wisdom on his purpose for their homeschool and direction on how it is going to look day by day by day.

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