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Feedly for Homeschoolers

In our Web 2.0 class at our homeschool co-op a few years back, I taught the students to open an account with Google Reader and begin using it to research their own interests. Today Google Reader is no longer active (sadly). However, there is a great alternative, which...

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CHM118:Tips for Homeschooling in the Summer

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5 Tips for Moving While Homeschooling

Moving while homeschooling is HARD! Have you ever been in this situation where you've had to move your family to another home during a school year? Was it difficult for you? How did you overcome your challenges? In my video I share 5 tips for moving while...

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CHM117:Teaching Our Kids The Real Meaning of Easter

Easter is right around the corner. Are you searching for ways to explain Easter to your kids? Listen to this week's episode! Listen to "CHM117:Teaching Our Kids The Real Meaning of Easter" on Spreaker. Join me on this week's podcast where I share details on how I...

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5 Tips for Balancing Homeschooling and Housework

Homeschooling your children can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, it can also be a little hard to balance with other tasks at times. Particularly, housework can be a struggle. After all, you don’t have the hours when your child would be at school to clean...

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Join the Homeschool Curriculum Summit 2.0

Is it possible to homeschool with confidence? If you're wondering this, wonder no more. According to the bible, the answer is, yes! There is a promise found throughout Scripture for those who build on the foundation of God’s truth; in Psalm 1, we read that “Blessed is...

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Why I Decided to Homeschool My Son with Autism

Once I found out my son placed on the autism spectrum, I set to making changes to help him succeed. I set up routines that he could depend on and I even bought products such as autism toys, sensory integration products, supplements, weighted blankets to help him with...

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CHM115:What Does The Bible Say About Teaching Children?

We teach and teach and teach our kids...but have you ever asked yourself what the Bible has to say about teaching? As Christian homeschool moms we often get caught up in our daily school activities: teaching core academic subjects such as writing and arithmetic,...

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CHM114: Easy Ways to Have Family Time Bible Study

Have you been looking for easy ways to have family time bible study with your kids, but just don't know how to incorporate it? On this podcast I share some reasons why bible study with your kids is important...and then I get into some how's. I feel that as Christian...

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CHM113:How to Set Homeschool Learning Goals

How are your mid-semester goals coming along? Did you set a laundry list of homeschool learning goals back in August or September for your children, and you’re now wondering if you’ll ever be able to check those learning goals off your list? Listen to "CHM113:How to...

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