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This month I have been thinking a lot about love in the home. Building up our families and creating a homeschool environment in love and centering seems to be a topic staring me in the face this month, and I just felt compelled to record a podcast about it! I hope this blesses you as I am blessed by it as well.

In this podcast, I shared three ways we can homeschool with love: through providing security, patience, and understanding. Let’s dig into each of these.

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Create a homeschool environment of security.

Grounding our kids gives them a sense of security to know they can always fall back on their faith, God, their parents, and family. We can do this by being firm in our admonishments to them.

In other words, let your “yes” be “yes” and your “no” be “no”.

Teach your children the ways in which you want them to go and they won’t depart. (They will be tempted to, of course, but at the end of the day, they will always come back to what is familiar, to acceptance and to a home of love where they were grounded.)

Kids are secure when they know their boundaries, limits, and where we stand: in family rules, respect in the home, and routines.

In our family, we’ve been in upheaval lately with all of our moving around, but I have been learning how to create routines that keep some sense of familiarity so my children feel secure- even in the midst of change.

Also, teaching our kids God’s Word is important and gives them security. Check out my podcast about what the bible says about teaching kids God’s Word.

Create a Homeschool Environment of Patience.

Although not an official Fruit of the Spirit, patience is definitely a muscle we have to practice and get stronger at.

How many times has your school day blown up in your face? Your kids aren’t cooperating, you have errands to run, problems to fix…that’s when we need patience. Ask the Lord to help you with endurance to make it through your day, and also to run your race set before you.

Patience will help you in keeping your cool with creating a homeschool environment of love.

Create a Homeschool Environment of Understanding.

Create Homeschool Environment of Love

Each of our kids is so different, right? The best thing we can do as parents is to meet them where they are, understanding their particular needs. That is one of the things I love most about homeschooling- we have the opportunity to address our children’s needs on a very individualistic level.

Showing our kids that we care about every aspect of their lives (not just academic), but their social and emotional too, we are proving to them how much we wish to understand them and their needs. We are showing our children that they are important to us in every way.

Also, giving our kids the right to be free to be themselves and not have to hide anything or pretend to be something they are not is a form of showing love and understanding to them. This can mean shifting their workloads as necessary. If our kids are overloaded, you can tone things down, dial them up.

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