My vlog channel changes

If you haven’t noticed recently, my blog has been a bit quieter as I spend more time on my YouTube channel. I’ve been sharing my life as I am growing up along with my kids. With one kid prepping to leave the nest for college next year I have been doing...

6th Grade Curriculum Picks 2019-20

This summer our family moved (hence the long blogging and podcast break). We’re also planning to move again in a few short months. Just to update you, here is a video on how I managed homeschooling while moving this time around. After the move, we settled into...
Feedly for Homeschoolers

Feedly for Homeschoolers

In our Web 2.0 class at our homeschool co-op a few years back, I taught the students to open an account with Google Reader and begin using it to research their own interests. Today Google Reader is no longer active (sadly). However, there is a great alternative, which...
avoiding homeschool burnout

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