Sweet Cash

    I know what you’re thinking…gold-wrapped chocolate covered coins? Umm…okay…a math lesson? Nope! It’s something a little bit more fun with a romantic twist! While we run around making sure that the kids are clean, fed, and...

Homeschooling the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays, things become a blur. We’re thinking about the trip to the attic or storage to get decorations out. We’re thinking about our menu and getting to the grocery store before everyone else figures out that the holidays are coming....

Changing with the Seasons

  Just as the seasons of the year change, we will see the seasons change in our homeschools. What do I mean by seasons? A season is the state that you and your family are in at this current time. One thing I want to tell every mom reading this…it’s...
avoiding homeschool burnout

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