Higher Hopes

I bet my 2013 new year’s resolutions didn’t look like yours. I’ve always been a little fluffy, so instead of focusing on the weight room, I trained my sights on our classroom. Since the “new year” I had in mind was our new school year, I kicked off the semester...

Taking This Show on the Road

Have you ever traveled with seven kids, two dogs, and a spouse who dares to set up a conference call during a 10-hour trip? Believe me, it’s just as much fun as it sounds. On one such adventure, Brown Sugar had to go potty so Songbird took her to the rest area...

Beyond Measure

I’ve chased the mythical idea of a balanced life the way I’ve hunted for that last piece of gum in my baby bag. Yes, with that much persistence. And uh-huh, with that much success. Achieving a balanced life as a working homeschool mom is about as fantastical an idea...
avoiding homeschool burnout

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