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Why I love the Charlotte Mason method in my home

On this video I share my increasing passion toward the Charlotte Mason method.

 I love her thoughts on education- that:

  1. Education is an atmosphere
  2. Education is a discipline
  3. Education is life

As I look more into the Charlotte Mason approach to education, I realize how much of what our family has been doing over the past few years (and wanted to do) has looked very much like her style of education- and I appreciate that.

As I mentioned in this video, I don’t like to ascribe to one theory or method as our own (I still hold hard and fast to the “eclectic” mode) but I would like to embrace more of this method into my home in the upcoming school year.

First summer break, though! 🙂

Enjoy the video and tell me what you think!
So, what do you think about Charlotte Mason?  You can leave a comment below or a voicemail

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