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This week’s interview is unique and special because I had the opportunity to speak with Amber O’Neal Johnston, homeschool author, speaker, and worldschooling mama. Amber blends life-giving books and a culturally-rich environment for her four children and others seeking to do the same. She recommends we offer children opportunities to see themselves and others reflected in their lessons and especially throughout their books, and she’s known for sharing literary “mirrors and windows” on and @heritagemomblog (IG). Amber is also the author of A Place to Belonga guide for families of all backgrounds to celebrate cultural heritage, diversity, and kinship while embracing inclusivity in the home and beyond. We talk much about her Charlotte Mason homeschooling style

Are you a visual person? I am super happy to introduce my video interview as well! You can watch our interview below. (It is the very same as the audio you will hear on Itunes and Spotify.)

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What we talked about concerning Charlotte Mason homeschooling

  • How she and her husband began homeschooling
  • The different way she applies the principles of Charlotte Mason to her homeschool
  • How the Heritage Mom blog began
  • A peek into the homeschool day in the life of Amber
  • Her biggest homeschool challenges
  • Her favorite aspects of homeschooling and why she continues
  • Amber’s favorite homeschool resources (living books) plus all about her Heritage Packs and some of her favorites like Multicultural Lesson Guides, Sweet Tea and Cookies, and Multicultural Hymns
  • Advice for new and veteran homeschool moms: keeping your spiritual and homeschool life intact and serving as a guide with the help of the Holy Spirit

Ways to reach Amber


Instagram: @heritagemomblog

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It is always such a pleasure to chat with homeschool moms of faith. If you are a new homeschooler I certainly hope Amber has encouraged you to take a closer look at integrating your own culture with whatever philosophy you are using, whether it’s Charlotte Mason homeschooling or something different. If you are just getting started with homeschooling, here are some of my homeschooling resources for newbies, and if you have additional questions about homeschooling, I would be glad to help coach you and answer your homeschooling questions.

That’s exactly what homeschool moms do – we help one another!

Until next time…happy homeschooling.