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I’m on the task of creating chore charts for my kids this year- and this time I’m pulling from a variety of resources to make it my own. I think it’s so important for my kids to realize the value of pitching in around the house and helping out when needed.

I’ve created a wall chart with copy paper, laminated that lists both my kids’ morning routines. I’m not so big on paying allowance for chores, but I really needed to get a system going that my kids will look forward to completing- so I had to come up with some type of incentive.

So even though I won’t pay for chores, I’ll gladly give little tokens of appreciation for a job consistently well done over a period of time.

I decided to reward for consistency.  This is where chore charts came in the mix.

First, here’s a video explaining my system…

It’s such a simple system.   Each kids has her own marker color and checks off when she’s completed the morning chore for the day. At the end of the week, if all days have been completed (and ONLY if all days are completed except for illness or other unusual circumstances), then the kids get to go into the rewards jar.

These little incentives make them work hard to be consistent. I have slips of paper in these jars that give them little tokens such as “game day with the family” or “out for MYO yogurt” or “ipad app worth .99”.  To my kids, it’s the little things that matter.

The way I work it out is that I have two jars.  One is for big ticket items- like new DS games or Xbox Knect games. It takes a whole lot longer than a week to work up to those “tickets”. The other jar is for smaller items (like going out for ice cream or game day with family).

I’ve found this – so far- to be a better chore charts system than paying my kids cash directly for chores.  I want them to have a sense of responsibility to the family– that they participate in helping out around the house because it’s part of being a family.  We all have to chip in.

However, I also wanted to strike a balance between giving them a little motivation and having a reasonable expectation that they should do chores without being told because it’s the responsible thing to do.

They’re kids, and they like rewards.  And I like consistency- having them do what they should each day without being told.  So I think that deserves a reward.

Here’s a printable I created for you– to help you gather ideas for rewarding your kids for things they do around the house. They are chore tickets (or a chore chart).

Just print out, write in your ideas, and cut.  You can laminate first if you like. Place these in a jar or basket and the kids will look forward to “cashing in” at the end of the week for chores well done.

chore charts

Print PDF Chore Tickets



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