Chores in our home is becoming an issue now that I’m taking on more client work, so I absolutely need to bring the kids on board.  My teen daughter keeps her side of things rolling pretty smoothly, but I also have a big kid (almost 9) who could use a little guidance and encouragement to begin really helping out around the house.  So, here are some chore ideas I’ve come up with to help things run more smoothly in my home.

chore ideas


If your kids have a dedicated bathroom, it’s even easier to say “you created the mess, you clean it!” If your kids share bathrooms with the rest of the family, you can still have them clean up after themselves right away. Some of our bathroom chore ideas are:

  1. Clean down the sinks after you use them (this doesn’t happen all the time but we’re working on it).
  2. Wipe down and disinfect the sinks once per week. * I have dedicated clorox wipes and gloves in a cleaning pail located in their bathroom.
  3. Wipe down bathroom mirrors once per week.
  4. Clean the tub out daily after each use.  *I keep natural tub cleaners made with essential oils and vinegar that I keep in their cleaning pail.
  5. Sweep and mop bathroom floors once per week.
  6. Take out bathroom trash when it’s nearly full. *I just have them bring it down to the main trash receptacle and reline their pails.
  7. Wipe down cabinets at least once per month or whenever needed. *Toothpaste can splatter anywhere…so check those cabinet doors.


Bedrooms can be difficult to keep clean because that’s where kids play and have their most fun.  My daughter goes to town in her room and it doesn’t matter how often we clean it- it’s going to get messy again within 24 hours.  I don’t want to stifle her creativity and I want her to enjoy making her big mess so long as she’s willing to clean her big mess weekly.  We try to keep a once a week cleaning regimen for her bedroom.  And of course, my teen daughter likes things clean nowadays so I don’t bother reminding her anymore: she’s got that one covered.  For my youngest, here are some chore ideas that have helped us try to keep somewhat neat:

  1. At the end of the day, place all toys, game pieces, stuffed animals, books, pens and paper back into their respective places. *The key here is developing a place for everything in your child’s room.  This was the hardest part for us, but so worth it now that all we need to do is keep the system rolling.
  2. Vacuum floors once per week.
  3. Wash clothes and put away once per week. *This is now fully her responsibility with a reminder from me each week.
  4. Clear table surfaces once per week. *The desk and dresser can easily get cluttered so we have to put a little effort into keeping these areas clear.
  5. Make bed daily.

Kitchen and Outdoor Helps

The only thing I really ask of the kids for outdoor duty since we live in small spaces in the middle of the city is to help take out garbage on the weekends. The hubby and I usually handle hosing down patio furniture and keeping our porch and patio looking neat.

As for kitchen duty, this is where I really let the girls get hands-on with me. I want them to be able to be self sufficient in the kitchen one day. Eating out every day is not a viable option when you’re in college or a newlywed.  They’ve got to know how to cook and sustain themselves. So…here are more chore ideas:

  1. Help take out garbage each weekend.
  2. Set the table when needed.
  3. Help prepare dinner a few times per week.
  4. Load dishes in dishwasher.
  5. Unload dishwasher and put away dishes.
  6. Add grocery items we’re running out of on to the list. *I keep a running list of pantry items needed on a marker board on the fridge.
  7. Wipe down kitchen counters when needed.
  8. Sweep floors when needed. *Basically: if you make a mess, clean it up.

Those are just a few of our chores for the kids. As they get older, we expect more, but we also give them more privileges as a result.  Growing up comes with responsibilities, but we try to have fun when teaching them to take on more.

What are some chores that your kids have in your home? Leave a comment below!

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