Okay, so the Christmas bit is over by a week and in a few hours it will be 2012!!!  Whoo-hooo!  I’m quite looking forward to some exciting months ahead.
But I thought I should backtrack and share a bit of our recent excitements:

The kids help put up the Christmas tree

The kids do a Christmas craft

Here’s a YouTube video I made on how to create the craft above:

We enjoy our first Christmas in California

Fast forward a few days and we spend some time in San Francisco this weekend.  Can we say FIELDTRIP??
It’s been a fun weekend.  Here are a few places we saw…

You can see the rest of my SF pics at my Pinterest account– it’s all uploaded there.

Wow…it’s been quite a year. I cannot believe for the life of me that in exactly two hours it will be a brand new year.  I am ready.
Happy New Year everyone!!

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