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Christmas is coming soon and I am in the mood for some holiday grub. Like most of you, I am Pinterest addict, and try to find the solution to almost every craft or recipe right from my Pinterest boards. In this episode, I’ll share with you 2 Christmas recipes I’ve either already tried or have penned on my grocery list for this week’s shopping ingredients.

Additionally, I’ve got an easy-peasy holiday craft and book to share that my daughter and I worked on together. So first, the recipes:

1.) Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate (by Andrea of EmbracingHim)

Hot chocolate, hot chocolate hot chocolate.  How many different ways can you think of to make hot chocolate? I certainly hadn’t thought of this rich recipe, full of creamy goodness and topped with delicious add-ins- and all done in a slow cooker!

The bulk of this recipe consists of the following ingredients:

1 (14 oz) can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups heavy cream

6 cups milk

2 teaspoons vanilla extract

2 ¼ cups chocolate chips (I use semi-sweet chocolate chips.)

If you want to know how Andrea suggests adding in fun toppings and scrumptious stirrers, then you’ll need to grab and print out the entire recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate. This holiday drink is sure to make your guests happy. And, of course, your family.

Christmas Recipes and a Craft

2.) Rudolph Gingerbread Man Cookies

Believe me, you’ll want to see this one. I won’t grab the photo due to respect for the blogger, although I wish I could snag the photo for you- but just head over and take a look at these cute Rudolph cookies. My kids love gingerbread cookies, and shaping them into little Rudolphs will be fun!

The basic ingredients for these Christmas cookies mainly consist of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, ginger (and other spices), food coloring, and icing sugar. Not the healthiest, but we splurge a little on the holidays right?

Countdown to Christmas Craft

Last week I read The Christmas Mice to my daughter. In the story, the mice find themselves lonely during Christmastime and separated only by a wall between them which they unknowingly shared.

The beautiful part of the story is when they finally find one another and realize that each has celebrated Christmas in her own way, which when brought together, created a lovely unison. One of the mice celebrated by creating a “countdown to Christmas” chain.

So, we decided to create one of our very own.

Have a Merry Christmas!