I’m excited to finally give you guys a Classical Conversations Challenge 3 update on our family.

My daughter, Nyomi, is a high school junior, in 11th grade this year and is attending Classical Conversations for her 3rd year. Not in a row, though since we’ve had some jumping around to different programs throughout the years- from Classical Conversations (CC) Challenge A in 8th grade to online schools (first choice and then second try), public charter school and now back to independent through CC.

In a nutshell, here are her classes:

  • Chemistry (Research)
  • Poetry and Shakespeare (Exposition)
  • Latin/Caesar and Cicero (Grammar)
  • American History (Debate strand)
  • Philosophy/Traditional Logic II/Socratic Dialogue (Reasoning)

In today’s video Nyomi shares with us her first four weeks of Classical Conversations Challenge 3 and what it has been like for her.

She opted out of Pre-Calculus this year and is taking a hiatus from math until her senior year.

So far, so good. I have to say that I love so much about this program which is quite different than the way I felt a few years ago. I guess I just wasn’t sure about the cost and time commitment and also I had been burned out on “classical” learning before. There was just simply so much about the method that I didn’t know or understand.

Today? I love it. I am so glad I opened my mind to understand this way of education and after over 11 years of homeschooling I am finally appreciating the beauty of the classical method. I also still really love Charlotte Mason methodology too! There are some great ways to combine them both. Check out my video on the Charlotte Mason method and why I fell in love with it years ago. Also check out my Classical versus Charlotte Mason video.

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Also be sure to check out Nyomi’s personal YouTube channel. (I know she would appreciate it!)

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