Wow, I can’t believe how time has flown this year.  It’s crazy that we’re waving goodbye to goodbye to 2016, but it’s also time to close out the old.

This year I’ve learned some hard lessons.  I’ve battled some with my health, I’ve had a few relationship disappointments, and I had a few major mishaps with my websites and nearly lost them all. (I’m still recovering two of them slowly – one blog post at a time).

I’ve also had to go into deep prayer for close family members who have been suffering with their health, and I’ve walked with a friend through her life changes.

On the upside, I was finally able to finish my mompreneur book and get it published in Amazon this summer.  I was also able to revamp my homeschool book, The Ultimate Homeschool FearBuster Manual.

And God is faithful…I recovered most of this blog (minus the comments and the images).

The Lord has lead me to some natural ways to strengthen my health and set me back on track to healthy living.

And I’m opening up my life to new friends now: people that have my best interest at heart and who won’t take advantage of me in any way.  You see, I’m a giver. I love to give back and see other moms succeed.  But I’ve learned that you can’t give to everyone, and that is a sad lesson.  Nonetheless, I have the freedom to continue giving and opening my heart to people around me.  I choose to give, but in ways that are healthy for me.

That is something I want to keep and take into 2017 with me.

I pray that our time here together at the blog this next year of 2017 will be enriching and blessed.  I pray that you will find much encouragement here.  I pray that you will find a friend in me as I aim to touch your heart despite the distance.  Never mind that I’ve never met you in person.  Cheesy as it sounds, when you’re here on this blog, we’re friends.

What are you closing the chapter on in 2016?  How will you move forward in 2017? 

About Demetria Zinga

Demetria is a homeschooling mom and mompreneur who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, two daughters, and a dog. She currently runs two podcasts for homeschool moms and moms in business, writes songs, and spends lots of time at coffee shops. Her goal is to be an encourager and motivator of women, helping them to find success and joy in homeschooling, business, and motherhood.

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