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I admit, sometimes it’s difficult to make and stick to homeschool routines in.   In this video I discuss the importance of having some structure even on days when we just don’t feel up to it.

It doesn’t mean we have to be a slave to our schedules- but just have a general idea of what our goals are, and go from there.

Here are a few tips I mentioned in the video:

Spend time alone in prayer

One of the first things that must be a part of my routine daily is spending time alone with God- before I face the family.  Spending time with God is what makes my days go right.

Get organized.

I know it goes without saying, but get things ready for the day in advance.  Organize their school books and supplies.  Have a place designated for your kids can study.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

I love this quote and use it quite often in our home.

Have a daily list for yourself.

My list looks something like this:

  • educating my kids
  • exercise
  • meal-planning for the week
  • relax and catch up on favorite t.v. shows
  • take a walk
  • read a few passages in my Amplified bible
  • catch up on a few library books/ return a few books
  • do my nails

Having my own list of ideas keeps me reminded that I still have a life outside of my kids- a life that makes me happy and joyous just to be me.

Have a list of ideas for your kids to do also

Sometimes kids just need a few ideas to get moving rather than complaining about being bored.

We keep a running list of ideas for my oldest daughter so that in case she falls into an “I’m bored” mentality I can simply point her in the direction of the ideas list, and suddenly there are so many things she can do.

I hope you find these ideas and tips useful.
Enjoy the video!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

About Demetria Zinga

Demetria is a homeschooling mom and mompreneur who lives in Silicon Valley with her husband, two daughters, and a dog. She currently runs two podcasts for homeschool moms and moms in business, writes songs, and spends lots of time at coffee shops. Her goal is to be an encourager and motivator of women, helping them to find success and joy in homeschooling, business, and motherhood.

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