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Math has always been a struggle in our home and I am constantly on the lookout for resources that will help make learning and teaching math easier, quicker, and more doable for our family. As my daughter worked through 4th grade this past year I’ve combed the web for online math games and programs, so when I found out about CTCMath I was eager to give this online math program a try.

Benefits of CTCMath

Get help with math quickly

CTCMath is a subscription based math program that empowers students to learn at their own pace while teachers have options for assigning exactly what’s needed and when. You can dress it up or tailor it down to fit your particular child’s needs. Use it as a full curriculum or supplement.

This past year, we had been using Saxon math for our base text (although we have recently made a switch to Math Mammoth for 2018-19 school year ). However, I found that sometimes Zoe just needed an extra explanation on a topic that I couldn’t give her particularly. CTCMath is taught by Patrick Murray, an Australian math teacher who has been teaching math for over 31 years, so he knows his stuff. When I don’t know, Patrick knows! So, I simply find the topic I need to address with Zoe and we get busy learning that one topic without feeling overwhelmed with having to complete a full sequence of lessons first.

Flexible online math curriculum

I like choices with my curriculum, and although I always look for math that has true consistency in its presentation and feels stable (constant review and spiral), I crave extra resources for Zoe to add a new layer of understanding for her or to just spice up the lessons a bit.

CTCMath choosing subjects

Although we are using it as supplement, I like that CTCMath can be used as a standalone curriculum. As you can see in the screenshot below, parents can choose “all courses” (these are grade levels K-12), “streams “(which are like main topics) and  “all topics” which drills down into narrower subtopics.

CTCMath -Choosing Courses

This gives me so much freedom in selecting which learning paths we take. So then I can not only use it as a standalone but also as a supplement to another math program. Here’s how I’ve been able to do it so far:

How I paired CTCMath with a different math program

The first thing I did was scan the table of contents of our Math Mammoth and run a search in CTCMath to see which topics lined up with the topic we were covering there.

Next, I go to the “task” menu in CTCMath and assign the topic to Zoe for the dates I want her to complete the video lesson. I try to correlate this with the times we are covering the same material in Math Mammoth. I would do this with any math program I use in the future should we switch to a different math program.  This now becomes part of her Task Set to complete and she will see this when she logs into her student account.

Check out this video to get a more in-depth view of what my daughter and I think of CTCMath.

Additional things I like about CTCMath

One feature of CTCMath I really like is that when I assign a task or diagnostic test to my daughter, I can hide the grade level from her. This way, she’ll never need to agonize over the tasks I assign because the grade level is lower or higher than her expectations.

I also love the student view. When she logs in she can change her theme, view her badge on the side and see her progress.

Extra resources are available

CTCMath also offers (in addition to the video lesson) downloadable worksheets as well as online questions to further support student learning. Since I’m often on the lookout for math resources or creating my own, this is a timesaver and it’s just nice to have on hand should I ever need it. Our charter school likes to see printouts and worksheets so this is helpful for us.

Try it for free!

You don’t have anything to lose with the free trial, so if you’re looking for a supplement or main math curriculum for your student, you can try the CTCMath option here for free.

You get a discount

Just for being a homeschool family, you can receive a massive 60% discount from the regular membership price. If you purchase any 12 month membership you will receive a bonus 6 months for FREE. This is a total of 18 months.

Follow this link for your discount.

Enter the giveaway

You also have an opportunity to WIN a free 12-month Family Membership to CTCMath! Join the giveaway by entering the rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Ways to reach CTCMath

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**Update: We’ve recently been enjoying Math Mammoth as well. Check out the video.

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