CHM138: Embracing and Accepting Creativity In Our Children with Kristina Lucia Andrews

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This week, I truly enjoyed talking to Kristina Lucia Andrews!

Kristina Lucia is an artist, creator, and author who ignites the imaginations of children and their parents
through her limited-edition animals and touching storybooks. Her humble beginnings in a small farm town (there was only one traffic light!) sparked her creativity at a young age and her adopted home of New York City keeps her inspired daily. Curiously Curated Creations of Kristina Lucia features a magical array of warm, cuddly and comforting creatures along with storybooks that help parents and kids improve their communication and deepen their relationships.
After an injury forced her to reconsider her 100-mile-an-hour corporate career, Kristina realized her true
path: to be the artist she was meant to be. The door of Curiously Curated Creations of Kristina Lucia opened upon her receiving a sign from her Mom. The journey began in November 2019.

What Kristina and I chatted about…

Kristina began her career with art as a child, after her art teacher took her on at the early age of 7.

As she battled with non-acceptance, her healing journey led her to believe that she is, indeed, a creative. She worked on Wall Street for several years, and lived her life of creativity on the side, but soon had to pause her creative outlet due to injuries.

With time, she hopped back into her entrepreneurial endeavors, discovering herself and her mission along the way as began to write children’s books and create toys as a part of her self-healing journey. She learned that she could take something in her life experience that wasn’t so great and turn it into something beautiful in order to add value to others.

Currently, Kristina is both writing and illustrating her children’s book series. The working title of the series is “Bella Lucia:
Tales of a Curious and Thoughtful Elephant”.

She makes sure that her books are relatable to everyone and to be inclusive because after having experienced bullying, and now healing from past traumas, she understands the need for sharing acceptance and love with others. She accomplishes this goal through her art and her books for children.

We can use her books in a variety of ways to engage with our kids and to find healing for ourselves as well. These are simple daily activities that parents can engage in with our children daily. These activities provide opportunities for quality time as well as more effective communication patterns. Her coloring books can be used by both children and adults. She creates a reader’s guide and a coloring book with each story. She offers a newsletter, freebies, and two blogs.

How to reach Kristina

Purchase her books and coloring books here.

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Thanks for listening and watching!

I truly love to chat with homeschool moms of faith. If you are a new homeschooler I certainly hope you’ve found Kristina’s words and her homeschool story encouraging.

That’s what homeschool moms do – we help one another!

Until next time…happy homeschooling.

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