Have you been running out of ideas for a math activity to do with your preschooler/kindergartner?  I was until I ran across this website to help me with all my pre-k needs.

Searching ChildCareLand, I found another fall activity to do with my kinder last week that was a lot of fun.  Plus, it helps with her math skills.

Here’s a video to show what I did:

1.)  Basically I printed out all the numbers and leaves template from Child Care Land, colored them, and had them laminated.

Here’s my new laminator which I love!

(It’s the Purple Cows hot and cold laminator that comes with 50 pockets all ready to use).  I bought mine at Cotsco for about $20-$25 bucks.  So far, it’s been one of the best investments I’ve made for our preschool at home. We’re using it for all sorts of things!

2.) Then we cut out all the pieces.  My children helped, of course (too much work for mama!) That was the fun part for the kids…cutting.  Once we got them all cut out, I free-styled a tree on brown construction paper and we laminated and cut that out too.

3.)  We placed magnets on the back of each number and leaf piece and the tree.  The magnets were purchased from Walmart in the craft section.  Reason for the magnets?  They stick to the cookie sheet!

4.) Then we got to work on our activity.  As you’ll see in the video, we used the blank squares to write in our plus or minus signs if we want to work on addition or subtraction.  And for simple number recognition, it was an easy game.  We simply placed the right amount of leaves on the tree to correlate with the number on the cookie sheet.

Some extra tidbits about what we did in this math activity:

We correlated one number with the amount of leaves on the tree.  I instructed to her count each leaf as she placed them on the branches.

With the blank cards and a dry erase marker we worked a number of problems together using this format.

The cookie sheet, guys, comes in handy!  Go ahead and get one from the Dollar Store (if you’re U.S.-based).  You will use it for tons of projects with your preschoolers and kinders, trust me.

Anyway, that’s our fun project for the week!  What have you been doing with your little ones this week?

Drop me a line at this blog or at our Facebook page! I’d love to hear from you!

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