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History and math fun

So this week, I don't have pictures, but I do have family homeschool updates. 🙂 Last week we did a brief history/geography lesson on the Makings of America. We learned about the American flag and its significance (our freedom from Great Britain and the waving of the...

the first Friday

Today we had a more relaxed homeschooling approach since all week long we went straight by the books in our chosen curriculum. Since it's Friday we kind of "chilled" and then we came home and NyGirl sang with her dad as he played some praise and worship music. She...

First day of kindergarten

Today was Ny's first day of kindergarten.I'd say we had a blast! We started our day at around 7:30 AM with a quick shower, breakfast, prayer, and the pledge of allegiance. She helped me sort laundry into 3 piles/categories (mathematics skills), and we did storytime...

avoiding homeschool burnout

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