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Have you been looking for easy ways to have family time bible study with your kids, but just don’t know how to incorporate it?

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On this podcast I share some reasons why bible study with your kids is important…and then I get into some how’s.

I feel that as Christian parents there are three reasons for incorporating family time bible study into our weekdays- above and beyond church and bible study with other believers.

Family time bible study build up your faith as a family.

Doing bible study together helps your children see the application of our faith as Christians on a daily basis. It makes learning the bible together a cemented reality for them and shows them how truly important it is to us personally and for our families.

Whatever we believe in, we spend time doing. How we devote our time shows our children what’s most important to us. As we spend time studying God’s word together we build up our faith in the Savior and His plans for our lives, and we believe in God even more deeply.

This type of lesson can’t be duplicated anywhere else.

Having this happen at home is a true blessing to our children because we are living out our faith right in front of them, and teaching them by example.

Family bible study helps our kids get to know God better.

Family time bible study helps our children learn to know the Lord, or at least sets them on the path to becoming firm in their faith. As they study the Bible with us, their parents, they are coming to know the character of God and who He is.

I believe home is the best place and the first place our children should learn about Jesus.

It equips our children to help others.

As Believers, we always hear how important it is to share the gospel with others. If we truly believe that this is important then we have to consider how to equip our children to share God’s love with others.

Again, I believe that the best way to do this is to pour time into sharing bible time with our children, building them up in the Faith so that they are then able to reach out to others and share as well.

One of the best things I enjoy as a mom who loves the Lord is to hear that one of my girls has reached out to their friends to pray for them.  I have watched my oldest daughter pray for her friends who are hurting, and even pray for me when I am going through a tough time.

My youngest daughter also knows just the right words to say to encourage me when I need a pick-me-up. I can tell that God’s spirit is moving through them as they minister to others around them simply by being a friend and being available.

When we invest time in our children- raising them to believe in the goodness of God, they are more equipped to extend God’s love and goodness to others.

That all sounds good…but how do we do it?

Create a devoted time for family bible study.

Whether it’s the evening when dad is home and everyone is together or early in the morning before school, or even during lunch break- start with a specific time at least once a week for bible time.

If you’re just starting off with this you don’t have to make it into a full-fledged study- but you can. You don’t need to do very much with this time except to show up with your bibles and an open heart to learn from God’s word.

Start with becoming familiar with the bible.

Make sure each child has a bible that is easy for them to read. It’s even better, in my opinion, if during bible study each family member reads from the same version.

One of the best things we can do for our children in bible study is to get them familiar with the layout of their bibles so that they can more easily find scripture.

Start with scripture memory songs, helping them learn the order of the Old and New Testament books.

I started this with my girls when they were little, but it’s never too late to begin.  Purchase or make your own Books of the Bible cards and have your kids lay them out in the correct order- then eventually time them.

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You can have bible drill games and see who can find scriptures the fastest.

Also, I loved using resources such as the What’s in The bible DVD series which help familiarize my kids with the details of each book of the bible in a fun and engaging way for young children.

Has this post and podcast been helpful to you? I sure hope so! Leave a comment and don’t forget to pick up your free books of the bible cards.