Today I wanted to share my latest free resource: free multiplication flashcards!

Free multiplication flashcards for busy moms

My daughter has been learning her multiplication facts for about a year now, and we’re still practicing and reviewing….all the time.  Sometimes I pick up low-cost cards from Walmart, Target, or the Dollar Store, but when I’m in a pinch for time, I usually trek through my Pinterest to find what I need.

So, if you’re looking for free multiplication cards today, you’re in luck!  I made a batch of 1’s through 10’s to get you started (I’ll add the 11’s and 12’s later on).

Other resources to accompany your free multiplication cards that you may want to pick up are:

Why free multiplication flashcards?

Learning math was a pleasure when my daughter was a preschooler.  But now that she’s getting those multiplication facts memorized, we’ve hit our rough patches and it has, admittedly, been a struggle the past year to jump past this hurdle.  Like many families, we’ve struggled to make math make sense.

I find that resources such as flashcards- and making good, fun use out of those resources- makes a huge difference in our learning experience for math.

I’ve determined to play a lot of math games with her to make memorizing math fun.  Games like That Multiplication Game or listening to Flocabulary rap songs brings the fun into our math time together.  We also use the marker board a lot.

Our curriculum of choice this year is Singapore Math, but we still use Mr. Demme’s Math U See materials as supplement to help us continue review of multiplication and division.  I’ve always loved Mr. Demme’s approach to bringing music and chanting to the kinesthetic learner. (Catch my review of Math U See Primer at Angie’s blog).  It’s what has brought math to life for us in the earlier years.

At any rate, we always come back around to flash cards. We use them for review and we play games with them. I hope these cards will be helpful to you!

Enjoy your free multiplication flashcards download!


Free multiplication flash cards for busy homeschool moms

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