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Tammie’s story on a homeschooling grace year is heartfelt and real. Kick back for an hour of pure encouragement and be motivated to continue homeschooling.

Tammie’s favorite verse:

1 Timothy 4:12

Let no one despise for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

Remember that God gives us exactly what we need to accomplish what we need in life.

Grace Homeschooling with Tammie Polk

What is a grace year within the context of homeschooling?

  • Taking a break from academics and focusing on the issues at hand.
  • Learning happens anywhere and at any time. It doesn’t have to be just in a textbook.
  • Sometimes we have to lay aside the academics to address our life issues so that we can get back on course.
  • Pray and ask God what He wants us to do.

Tammie shares her grace seasons between several life losses- deaths in the family, job losses, and life changes.

  • God came through for her family and gave them more than the necessities they needed.
  • He will take care of you!

Take-away thoughts:

  • There won’t be a mutiny! Everything will be okay.
  • Taking a grace year does NOT mean that you have failed.
  • All that matters is those living within the four walls with you. Don’t worry about what others say.
  • Prepare for your grace year, and keep going.

It’s a speed bump, not a brick wall.

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Have you ever taken a grace year? What was that like for your family?