CHM133:Guiding and Cultivating the Gifts in Our Children

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This podcast is one of my favorites so far because I spend time ministering to you, my Sister in Christ, about gifts and talents. I really love this topic. Be sure to click on the play button above to hear the podcast, and subscribe in iTunes.

Let’s Start with Announcements

Start with self-care

  • Appreciate the role that God has given you as a wife and mom
  • Understand your own gifting and talents God has given you by seeking the Lord
  • How to stay consistent with our parenting endeavors by giving our kids back to God
Cultivate Gifts In Our Children

3 ways to guide the gifts in our children

Recognize the gift

It’s important to notice the gifts your kids are displaying. As you watch them you’ll see the hidden things in their hearts that God has planted. We should be ready as moms to recognize what’s in their hearts, and be ready to help bring the best out our children.

Appreciate the gift

After we notice the gift, it is our job as parents to appreciate what God has created in them. Let our kids know that we see them, we notice them, and we appreciate and admire what God is doing through and in them. This allows our children to feel that without putting on a front, they are accepted for who they are 100%. Appreciating their gifts is one of the best ways to cultivate the gifts in our children.

Support and nurture the gift

Although you don’t need to spend a fortune, be willing to invest in your kids and their talents that God has given them. This could mean a financial investment on your part, transportation, and time and energy, but it will all be worth it when they have been launched from home feeling fully supported by mom and dad.

2 Things to keep in mind about gifts and talents

  • Make sure our kids know not to define themselves by their abilities.
  • A gift is to be used properly: not be misused, underused, or overused.

I pray that this episode has been a blessing to you, my friends! Until next time, Happy Homeschooling!

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